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Blanking Caps & Plugs for blanking off unused pipe ends

There are two options when it comes to blanking off unused pipe ends, there’s either a silicone blanking cap (which goes over a solid pipe end) or an aluminium blanking plug (which goes inside a silicone or rubber pipe end). We stock both items, made by Samco Sport which are excellent quality for the job.


Samco Silicone Blanking Caps

The blanking caps are manufactured from 3 ply silicone with a nylon braided reinforcement between each layer (ply) of silicone. This makes them suitable for pressurised systems such as coolant or intercooler applications. They are secured to the pipe with a hose clip. We have seen alternatives types on the market that are made from single ply silicone, these are not suitable for pressurised systems.

It’s worth noting that the Samco blanking caps are not suitable for fuel or oil, regardless of pressure. They’re available with internal diameters of 6.5mm, 8mm, 9.5mm, 11mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm & 32mm and of course available in the wide range of colour options to match your existing Samco hoses. We hold good stocks of both Blue and Black ready for immediate dispatch and there’s a short waiting time for other colours.


Why would I need to use a Samco blanking cap?

These are one of our most popular selling items – so much so that we wonder where they all go! They are however extremely useful. They can be used to blank off unused solid pipe ends, such as dump valve outlets which are not used, hard pipes on the engine that are not being used –perhaps where an engine conversion has taken place. They can be used on outlets which are only used to bleed the coolant system and need to be capped off in normal use but not permanently removed or welded up. Or where a new routing of pipe work has taken place and the unused pipes cannot be removed. Blanking caps are also handy for when the vehicle or engine is being worked on or if the engine has been removed from the vehicle, preventing a) residue coolant spilling out of the engine, creating a mess and b) dust etc entering the pipes.



Samco Aluminium Blanking Plugs

The blanking plugs from Samco are machined from billet aluminium and are a ‘top-hat’ shape which not only means that the plug is secure in the hose, but it also closes off the pipe nicely with a neater finish. The plugs push into a rubber or silicone hose and are then secured in place with a hose clip. These are suitable for all fluid systems on your vehicle, coolant, air, fuel and oil. Available in outside diameter sizes 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 34mm & 38mm.


Why would I need to use a Samco blanking plug?

These are again, very useful little items. Similar in principle to the blanking caps, they can be used to blank off unused silicone or rubber hoses. For instance; t-pieces which are no longer required with a t-off, old heater hoses, disused coolant hoses on an engine conversion or even as an emergency repair to blank off a hose. They are also great for blanking off hoses when the engine has been removed from the vehicle, preventing fluid spill and creating a mess but also to prevent dust or objects entering the hoses.

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13th February 2019