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Cobra Motorsport Seats 2018

New for 2018 is a complete suite of replacement models in Cobra’s FIA homologated seat line up.

All of the existing eight iconic models have been completely remastered to address market changes and ergonomic requirements, whilst integrating with the very latest safety systems in today’s competition vehicles.

In brief;

  • Seats are now taller to suit changes in harness geometry, taller vehicles in general and to ensure we can fit anyone into our seats even with additional padding
  • Seat surfaces have been digitally mastered and CNC machined in solid Ureol before tooling. This means perfect symmetry and functional styling elements that were not feasible in traditional methods of manufacturing
  • Finite Element Analysis ensures the changes in the shape and structure provide incredible stiffness and strength to the finished product, allowing the driver far more feedback than ever before with maximum safety
  • The very latest hybrid composite materials combined with the functional surface details ensure an optimum weight to performance ratio
  • FHR restraint features are more pronounced and refined so that all seats are compatible perfectly with all FHR devices now available in the market
  • All seats feature an identical footprint between all models of one width allowing quick and seamless changes between traditional seats and full containment versions for driver assessment
  • All Pro-Fit systems are fully compatible for 2018 and have been enhanced by the introduction of deeper bases on the Sebring Pro and Evolution


By Model


  • This seat is now much taller than its predecessor, bringing it in line with the new Suzuka. It still allows for easy exit/entry to cars but is now more laterally supportive.
  • The front external side flanges of the old Imola model have been reduced in width to allow easier fitting in narrower vehicles


  • It was hard to improve on the best-selling seat but by increasing it slightly to the same height as the Sebring it has become even more ergonomically correct for a greater range of people with better shoulder comfort
  • Increased stiffness and rigidity across the shoulders along with perfectly parallel deep sides means better containment from the most popular open head shell seat

Sebring Pro

  • The most popular full containment seat was already almost spot on for fit and comfort but subtle tweaks have improved shoulder geometry and FHR functionality which is critical in such an aggressive seat.
  • The addition of a 60mm deep concave base for 2018 allows much taller drivers to get the perfect driving position and the side head protection has been lifted in angle slightly to improve alignment with the driver’s head.


  • With the Sebring Pro being almost the perfect full containment seat for most drivers, it became easy to work out how the Evolution 2018 model should look. The seat is simply the same geometry now as the Sebring pro, in height as well.
  • Shoulder positioning is vastly improved having adopted the same seat surface dimensions of the Sebring Pro right up to the harness slots.
  • The 2018 Evolution is now viable option for drivers of all heights and statures and choosing the Evolution is simply a decision on whether to go closed or open side impact protection, it really is that much of an improvement
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22nd January 2018